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The Cube

Price: £299.99
  • Product Code: 260 Gallon
  • Availability: In Stock
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Cube 400mm Riser:




Prices exclude vat

Delivery England £49 Scotland £99



Fill The Tank With Water, Before Back Filling.

If The Ground Is On A Wet Site, Backfill With Concrete.

400mm Risers Are Sold Separately, and are £39 each.


THE CUBE ® Septic Tank

The Cube ® septic tank is made in England, and has been designed for to accommodate a small number of people in dwellings such as stables, farms, mobile homes, tents, caravans, outhouses e.t.c.

It is designed to go underground or above ground.

The tank comes with a lid, and the inlet and outlet will fit all standard 110mm pipework.  

From the lid to invert depth is approximately 250mm.  This tank also comes with a robust metal outer frame and a steel base which means it can be installed with granular backfill like sand which is ideal for dry site conditions. Alternatively you can use concrete on wet site conditions, which will stop the tank from being crushed or popping out of the ground.

Installation Instructions:

1) Dig a hole and place the cube septic tank into the hole.

2) Fill the tank with water, until it reaches the outlet pipe. This will not only prime the septic tank, but will also stop it from being crushed by any external ground pressure once the tank is surrounded by backfill. Please leave the water in the tank. 

3) Backfill around the tank with granular material or concrete.

4) Cover with the tank with topsoil.

5) Connect the septic tank to a soakaway.

6) Job done!

The tank is made from recylable material and comes in 2 colours white or black (the colours are dependant on stock availablitiy), and 400mm risers are available for £39 each. (just tick riser box at top of page)

They are also very easy to install.




Delivery England £49 Scotland £129

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