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Tricel Sewage Plant UK6

Price: £1,799.00
  • Brand: Tricel
  • Product Code: 1-3 Bedroom Properties
  • Availability: In Stock

Tricel Sewage Treatment Plant UK6

DELIVERY is £149 to anywhere in the UK.
(If you live in Scotland please ring)
The Tricel Sewage Treatment Plant Converts Raw Sewage Into Clean Water:  Unlike many other sewage treatment plants on the market, this sewage treatment plant has no moving parts inside it.  This means that there are no cogs, belts, bearings motors, shafts e.t.c internally to breakdown, repair or maintain.   This sewage system also has a triple chamber system built into it.  A primary settlement tank, that holds on to all the solids, and two chambers that convert the raw sewage into clean water.  These sewage systems treat and clean the sewage effluent so well they are approved by the Environment Agency, Sepa and UK Building Regs.

DELIVERY is £149 to anywhere in the UK.
(If you live in Scotland please ring)
Tricel Sewage Treatment Plant

Tricel Sewage Treatment Plants. The future of sewage treatment!

NO CONCRETE: Because of its unique design this sewage treatment plant does not need concreting.  Simply dig the hole, and place the tank on to the soil on the base of the hole.  Backfill around the outside of the tank with 20-30mm granular backfill. Then once done cover the tank with top soil. However, if you live in an area with a really high water table or a flood plain, then these units do need concreting in the ground.


250mm, 500mm and 750mm Risers (Sold Separately).

Risers just attach to the top of the treatment plant


DELIVERY is £149 to anywhere in the UK.
(If you live in Scotland please ring)


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