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Epurbloc 12 Person

Price: £899.00
  • Brand: Epurbloc
  • Product Code: 4000 Litre
  • Availability: In Stock
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Epurbloc Risers:


Epurbloc Low Profile Septic Tank 6-12 Person Septic Tank

Delivery £99 England. Scotland £149





Every septic tank needs a soakaway. 

The Epurbloc works well with the traditional soakaway method.

The Epurbloc works really well with septic tank soakaway crates.


The Epurbloc or Tricel Vento as it is now known, was one of the first low profile septic tanks to appear on the UK market about 2 years ago. Known for its sleek design and built in filter system, this septic tank should have been a runaway success.  However, although technically a very good tank, the internal filter bag system is its achilles heel.

Because of the amount of solids present in household wastewater, the filter soon becomes clogged up with sludge, resulting in having to remove it regularly to wash it off and clean it with a hose pipe. Whilst some people are ok with that, we would prefer a septic tank with little or no maintenance such as the Graf or Klargester low profile septic tanks.  For that reason we cannot award The Tricel Vento 5 stars.  However, if Tricel decide to remove or modify this filter system then we would gladly review our score.

If you don’t mind cleaning out the filter on a regular basis, then this septic tank could be the one for you. Because of its shallow design, it is easy to install, and can be installed without the need of concrete on most sites, which could save you save you £1000’s in installation costs.

As you know, every Epurbloc septic tank needs a soakaway attached to it. 

The Epurbloc (Tricel Vento) septic tank works brilliantly with soakaway products such as the Herkules soakaway tank, polybed soakaway pipes or the incredibly popular Graf septic tank soakaway crates or tunnels because they can be installed in the shallow topsoil.

  • STEP 1: Place the tank in the hole.
  • STEP 2: Backfill around the tank with shingle or 20-30mm shingle.
  • STEP 3: Cover with topsoil.
  • STEP 4: Dig a second shallow hole in the topsoil and insert the Herkules Soakaway Tank or the septic tank soakaway crates, cover with the membrane provided and cover with topsoil. 
  • Job done. It really is that simple.

The Epurbloc septic tank comes supplied with lids as standard, and will fit all standard 1100mm pipework and fittings, and can be installed with granular backfill on dry sites or can be concreted in on wet site conditions.

All Tricel septic tanks are approved by UK building regs, The Environment Agency, British Water and Sepa.

  • If you need to sink the Epurbloc deeper into the ground, then you will need a pair of risers.  A riser are small extension necks that slot into place and sit on top of the tank. Risers can be bought separately, and can be trimmed and adjusted to your preferred height.

Like all septic tanks the Epurbloc septic tank will need emptying (or desludging) once every year. If your use septic tank & soakaway worms then it will only need emptying once every 10-15 years, saving you £100’s in emptying, maintenance and running costs.


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